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  1. Will look into that, thanks
  2. @Zero fix this tag pink background shit !important
  3. FREE Spotify for everyone in a smart way so everyone can get it private! We won't display our accounts here so everyone can get a PRIVATE ONE for his own. You will either get a Normal Premium or Family owner! It's random! Simply, go to the link below and order an account for 0$ and receive it instantly! + It's PRIVATE! [Hidden Content] Enjoy it
  4. Nice contribution
  5. Features: - It generates more than 20K codes per minute. - Up to 1.2M codes per hour. - It doesn't lag your PC in any way, you can run it and continue your work. - User-friendly and easy to use just a click of a button. - Guaranteed hits with a good checker and a decent CPM - Ofc, a nice design Download: [Hidden Content] Don't leech and appreciate my work, let me see the positive vibes
  6. - Fixed side menu to something better and clean - Search bar text from invisible white to visible black - Hidden content links from invisible white to visible blue - Trophies & Medals text under the user badge has been hidden, only awards are showing now, it looks more clean. - More space between the awards has been added so it can look more sexy like @Zero - There was an issue when editing the SOURCE of a post since the HTML text shows up as white with white background which makes it invisible, I changed the font to black so it can be visible - All the forums permission were messed up sorry for that, now it has been adjusted. - Added new red icons to the forums. (sexy asf) More to come, will be update this post.
  7. It's for testing puposes

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